Where do I find contract notices?

Is there a free governmental webpage that I can see all tender announcements, contract notices and award notices? Can you please send me the link?


  • Hi,

    Procuring organizations must advertise all procurements that are not direct awards in an advertising database registered with the Competition Authority. On the Swedish Competition Authority's website, you will find an advertising database register where all Swedish registered databases are published. If the value of the procurement exceeds the threshold, it must also be advertised in the joint EU advertising database, the Tenders Electronics Daily (TED).

    To take part in ongoing procurements in Sweden, you need to search one of the databases where procurements are advertised. There is no national advertising database for procurements taking place in Sweden. For that reason, anyone wishing to conduct business with public sector should register with several Swedish advertising databases as well as subscribe to an advertising monitoring service.

    There is no cost to search or take part in the ads that are published. However, the various ad databases can offer certain services that are usually associated with a cost, such as, for example, a monitoring service.

    In addition to advertising in a registered advertising database, some contracting authorities also choose to advertise their ongoing procurements on their website.

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